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Our portfolio of events works grows each year, to name some of the specialist event works we have supported:

Festival Trailers - Music Festivals - Specialist Communications Apparatus - Vodafone Trailers - Trade Shows

The spec and infrastructure of our fleet is such that we can safely move essential technology equipment as well as more robust items to and from busy, high security sites, our success in this field has seen us handling larger and larger movements every year.

We have significant experience in moving Specialist High Value items from the Fine Arts and Critical Data fields, our Consignment Tracking abilities, air ride suspension and vehicle security support the safety of such moves, giving our customers every assurance their precious goods are in safe hands.

We can offer Specialist Event and Project works service, managing the secure transit of your goods, and can also provide assistance with install/handling/setting up in some cases too - please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and movement needs.

Events and Specialist Projects
Vodafone VIP